Caring ‘diamonds’ sparkle

In Western Australia alone, Meals on Wheels service providers deliver more than 900,000 meals to 10,000 clients each year across Perth, as well as regional and rural areas.

Nevertheless, while Meals on Wheels has changed dramatically since it was founded, the original concept remains the same.

Sixty years on, Meals on Wheels is still about everyday volunteers caring enough to do something meaningful to help other people in the Perth community.

Locally, the work Meals on Wheels volunteers undertake on a daily basis makes a significant difference in the lives of thousands of elderly people and those with disabilities in our northern suburbs ” not just by delivering a nutritious meal, but in many cases by providing an important community connection by checking on many people’s wellbeing on a regular basis.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that when Meals on Wheels volunteers hit the road on their well-beaten delivery route around the northern suburbs every day, they’re doing more than just delivering a tasty meal.

On National Meals on Wheels Day this Wednesday, I’d like you to join me in recognising and celebrating the work of the thousands of local volunteers who make a difference through the service.

They’re the unsung heroes ” the hidden ‘diamonds’ of our community ” who deserve a pat on the back for their amazing work.