Cat Haven urges pet sterilisation

Cat Haven urges pet sterilisation

CAT and dog owners are being urged to sterilise their pet with the Cat Haven and several northern suburbs vets offering discounts during July’s National Desexing Month.

Sterilisation would help to reduce the number of stray animals in WA and improve cats’ quality of life.

“They are less likely to stray, spray in and around your house, be injured fighting over territory, are more relaxed and affectionate and, generally, live longer and happier lives,” the haven’s Chandra Woodley said.

The haven is offering cat sterilisation for $100 for females and $70 for males, as well as a sterilisation and microchip package to concession cardholders at $100 for females and $80 for males.

Woodvale Park, Kingsley and Joondalup Central vet hospitals will provide discounts on sterilisation to concession cardholders; contact the clinics for details.