Catch a stray first

A spokesman for the department said the Cat Act 2011 ” enforced in November 2013 ” allowed local government rangers to seize cats from a public place or at the request of an owner or occupier.

‘The Act does not require them to collect stray cats,’ he said.

‘While the Act does not provide for anyone else to seize cats, any person can trap and collect stray cats.’

Wanneroo City councillors will tonight vote on a report to amend 2013-14 cat fees and charges to reflect changes under the Act.

The report ” which outlines impounding, sterilisation and microchipping fees ” also states there is no provision in the Act in relation to control of feral cats.

In a recent incident, Wanneroo homeowner Elisa Osborne said she felt ‘disgusted’ with the lack of concern showed by Wanneroo rangers who would only collect a family of cats from her front yard if they were contained.

‘I questioned the rangers as to why they help stray dogs but won’t try and help catch these little kittens ” they had no answer for me,’ she said.

‘Who therefore is going to catch all the abandoned stray cats, which will increase with these new cat laws and irresponsible owners choosing to abandon them (rather) than pay fees?’

Wanneroo city business acting director Ian Hamilton said residents could contact the City to collect strays, but rangers would only collect cats that were contained.