City approves markets at shopping centre

During the meeting, two local residents asked if the city could delay its consideration of the application until after the March and April State Administrative Tribunal hearings regarding the expansion of the shopping centre.

Mayor Troy Pickard said the city was legally required to make a decision within 60 days of receiving an application. One resident said:

‘While I appreciate the City of Joondalup has to operate within strict legal regulations and requirements, we all too often forget the bigger picture and I think there is a much bigger picture in this whole situation’.

This man said other local residents were ‘sceptical’ about Westfield’s request.

Planning and community development director Dale Page said the markets proposal was not considered a major development under the state planning policy.

‘It is not related to the major redevelopment proposal for Whitfords,’ she said.

Cr John Chester said the introduction of markets was ‘foreign to Westfield’s usual activities in the area of retail’.

‘I would just slightly question the motives behind the proposal,’ he said.

But Cr Liam Gobbert said it was important for the City to support activities that ‘generate people walking around and getting passive surveillance and active surveillance’.

Cr Christine Hamilton-Prime said markets would liven up the shopping centre.

Mr Pickard said the city had considered the impact on car parking at the centre and determined existing on-site parking would be sufficient to cater for the proposed markets.

The 20 outdoor stalls are proposed to operate on Saturdays, from 9am to 3pm, at the upper western entry to the shopping centre, next to the entrance closest to Woolworths.

The markets will offer fresh produce and condiments.