City considers charity bin ban

CHARITY clothing bins may soon be banned on public land in the City of Joondalup.

Councillors at last Tuesday’s meeting unanimously passed a request for a report to come back to the council to consider a ban.

The City currently houses 76 charity bins at 19 City-owned locations.

Mayor Troy Pickard said there was growing concern in the community about the adverse effect the bins were having on the amenity of the suburbs, parks and reserves.

“It’s not just the appearance of the bins but it’s everything that goes with it, including overflow products and unfortunately some associated anti-social behaviour,” he said.

Cr Geoff Amphlett agreed.

“Unfortunately, some of our residents do tend to use some of these bins as their shortcut to the tip and they certainly can become an eyesore,” he said.

Mr Pickard said there were still a sufficient number of bins on private land, including petrol stations and shopping centres, and the report would not consider banning these.

“Charity bins are well established in our community and perform an important role,” he said.

“Opportunities would still be afforded to charitable organisations to place charity clothing bins on private land, and the City would continue to provide the necessary support and guidance to ensure this is appropriately managed.”