City of Wanneroo: Kingsway dog park consultation should be short and sweet

Tom Smith and Jassa. Picture: Bruce Hunt   d461346
Tom Smith and Jassa. Picture: Bruce Hunt d461346

MADELEY resident Tom Smith was one of many dog owners invited to give feedback on plans for a dog exercise area at Kingsway Regional Sporting Complex.

The City of Wanneroo launched public consultation about potential elements of the 4900sq m fenced park at its Living and Leisure Expo featuring Dogs’ Breakfast on October 23.

Mr Smith (91) has been campaigning for an enclosed dog exercise area within the City for more than five years.

The project was approved as part of the City’s 2016-17 budget, with $25,000 allocated to develop the site at the corner of Hartman and Sporting drives, but it has been at least 10 years in the making.

A City newsletter published in 2006 said the council had decided to install a dog exercise area at Kingsway for a trial 12-month period.

Funding was also previously allocated for a dog exercise area at Sheffield Park in Wanneroo as part of the City’s 2012-13 budget, but councillors voted not to support this at the May 2013 meeting following a petition with 117 signatures objecting to it.

Though he would love to take his six-year-old german shepherd to a local dog park instead of travelling to Whiteman Park, Mr Smith was reluctant to get his hopes up.

“I’ll believe it when it happens,” he said.

Stage one of the project will include fencing, seating, bins and dog waste bags, with the City seeking input via an online survey, which closes today, on other elements such as agility equipment, sand play area and a section for small dogs within the park.

Acting community and place director Noelene Jennings said councillors would be briefed on outcomes of the consultation.

“If the results of the consultation do not deviate from the initial proposal then it is unlikely that the project would be referred to council for further consideration, ” she said.

“The public consultation period tests the suitability of the proposal to meet the community’s needs.

“Given we were able to speak to such a large number of people at the Living and Leisure Expo featuring Dogs’ Breakfast, we were able to have a short public consultation period as we received a very high number of responses, which have been very positive among residents.”

The survey is at