City of Wanneroo renews CEO’s term for five years

City of Wanneroo CEO Daniel Simms.
City of Wanneroo CEO Daniel Simms.

CITY of Wanneroo chief executive officer Daniel Simms has secured another five-year contract following his annual performance review.

Councillors unanimously agreed to extend his employment to September 2021 after adopting a report and recommendations prepared by local government consultant Gary Martin at their September 13 meeting.

Considered under confidential cover, the performance review resulted in “a high level of satisfactory performance that met the key performance indicators and exceeded the job requirements” according to the meeting minutes.

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Mr Simms first joined the City in May 2001 as governance manager, a position retitled strategic and business services manager in February 2002.

He became the governance and strategy director two years later, and held that position until October 2007, when he resigned to work for the City of Gosnells.

He returned to Wanneroo as chief executive in September 2008, and has seen the City’s population grow by about 7000 people a year.

UPDATE, October 11: In 2016-17, Mr Simms will receive a 1 per cent increase on his salary, which was listed as being between $300,000 and $500,000 in the City’s 2015-16 annual report.