City of Wanneroo says no further action over Carramar dog attack on cat

City of Wanneroo says no further action over Carramar dog attack on cat

A STAFF report recommends that no further action be taken in relation to a dog attack on a cat in Carramar in June unless more evidence is provided.

The report on the City of Wanneroo’s August council meeting agenda recommends councillors note a petition submitted in July, as well as RSPCA findings and legal advice.

“The City has responded to all of the cat owner’s repeated requests,” the report said.

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“After extensive investigation and review by numerous staff, it has been concluded that no further action is appropriate to be taken by the City against the dog owners regarding this incident, unless new evidence can be provided.”

The petition requested an independent expert review the CCTV footage provided by the cat owner and that the dog be tested by a vet.

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Asked about state legislation regarding DNA tests of dogs at Tuesday’s briefing session, the City’s community safety and emergency manager Alan McColl said staff had researched it thoroughly and found nothing that would allow DNA testing.

Councillors will consider the report on the eight-signature paper petition, accompanied by an online petition with about 400 names, at their August 16 meeting.


Update, August 17: WANNEROO councillors agreed without discussion to take no further action in relation to investigations into an alleged dog attack on a cat in Carramar.

At their August 16 meeting, councillors unanimously voted in favour of a recommendation not to action requests in a petition tabled last month regarding the attack on George the cat.

The recommendation said the City had not received any further evidence since it fined the dog owners $200 in June, and its findings aligned with those of the RSPCA.

Cat owner Angela Marshall said she had lodged complaints with both RSPCA and the City into the way the investigation was handled.