City of Wanneroo to remove the word ‘disability’ from plan

THE City of Wanneroo will delete the word “disability” from its draft access and inclusion plan.

Community development director Fiona Hodges said the City had to submit its revised plan for 2016-2019 to the Disability Services Commission by December 31. The plan was adopted by the council at its November 10 meeting.

A council report said the plan was prepared through consultation with the disability access and inclusion external focus group, the City’s staff and public consultation in August and September.

“The consultation exercise has highlighted the need to ensure access and inclusion requirements respond to the whole community by meeting priorities for marginalised population groups, including those with a disability and multicultural groups,” it said.

“Key findings from the consultation identified that infrastructure is a major barrier to access and inclusion.

“Availability of Acrod bays, accessible features within the playgrounds and the provision of accessible toilet facilities all need to be improved within the City.”

At the council meeting, Cr Dot Newton said the council was going to “a lot of trouble” to remove the word “disability” from its plan, only to refer it to the Disability Services Commission.

“Maybe they should look at changing their name,” she said.