City votes to cut spending

The revised report ” deferred for more information at the April council meeting ” received unanimous support at Tuesday’s council meeting.

It included 10 exclusions from the reductions including salaries, superannuation, workers’ compensation, occupational health and safety programs and service delivery to the vulnerable.

Cr Brett Treby moved the efficiency dividend strategy report.

‘My intent on bringing this matter to council is quite simple and very clear,’ Cr Treby said.

‘It is my clear intention to ensure that the cost burden to ratepayers is being kept to an absolute minimum and is simply an exercise in identifying waste and trimming costs.’

Cr Treby said the delivery of the ‘healthy budget pursuit’ would be challenging but achievable.

‘The council, in my view, has an obligation to rigorously question, to test ” and to challenge the financial management of the ratepayers’ investments and I don’t believe this obligation is in question.’

Cr Dianne Guise defined an efficiency dividend as an ‘annual reduction in the amount of resources consumed for the same level of output’.