City Watch service to be scrapped

Currently contracted to Wilson Security, City Watch has operated in the region since 1997, with officers responding to alarms, anti-social behaviour, vandalism and graffiti, noisy parties and suspicious activity.

However, at this month�s council briefing, corporate services director Mike Tody said concerns had been raised about officers� limited enforcement powers under a contract arrangement.

�This has been considered a major drawback,� he said.

The new service will continue to operate 24/7 and will authorise patrol officers � City employees with greater legislative power than City Watch officers have � to undertake a broader range of enforcement activity to complement services provided by the City�s rangers.

Patrol officers will target anti-social behaviour and locations with consistent non-compliance with local laws, focusing on suburban parking near schools, train stations and other areas with timed parking.

Under the new system, alarm responses will be outsourced and there will be a revised risk-based approach to facility checks.

The party and holiday alert services, considered underutilised and expensive, will be discontinued.

�It is fair to say that for a number of years, some members of the community have queried the effectiveness of the City Watch service� because they don�t enjoy the legislative powers of the police service,� Mayor Troy Pickard said.

�The City has taken onboard this feedback, extensively reviewed its options and has decided to strengthen its ranger services.�

The new system will be reviewed in 12 months.