Civic centre expansion tops City of Wanneroo budget list

The budget includes funds to expand the Wanneroo Civic Centre, build a change rooms at Hudson Park in Girrawheen and build the Pearsall-Hocking Community Centre.
Civic centre expansion tops City of Wanneroo budget list
Civic centre expansion tops City of Wanneroo budget list
The budget includes funds to expand the Wanneroo Civic Centre, build a change rooms at Hudson Park in Girrawheen and build the Pearsall-Hocking Community Centre.

THE City of Wanneroo’s biggest budget allocation will go towards expanding the Wanneroo Civic Centre to accommodate growing staff numbers.

In its 2016-17 budget, the City has allocated more than $12 million from its reserve funds for the $27 million expansion project of the Dundebar Road building, expected to finish in mid-2018.

Other significant projects in the South and Central wards include almost $1 million for a sports amenities building and upgrades at Hudson Park in Girrawheen, more than $1.6 million for Marangaroo Golf Course improvements and $700,000 for the Pearsall Hocking Community Centre.

The budget includes a combination of municipal funds, reserve funds, state and federal grants, loans and contributions from other sources.

The City decided to raise residential rates by 3.5 per cent to generate $142.13 million needed through rates.

The budget includes an anticipated unallocated surplus of $970,000, which will be directed into reserve funds.


Adult Day Care Centre upgrades ($571,000). Alexander Heights Park fitness equipment, paths and ground upgrade ($200,000).


Banksia Grove conservation area maintaining environmental offset for Hester Avenue ($20,000). Sports ground design ($79,730 carried forward). Flynn Drive design ($190,000cf).


Golf course upgrades ($206,250). Houghton Park BMX track ($20,000cf). Joondalup and Cheriton drives junction traffic signals ($25,000cf).


Appleby Park environmental offset maintenance for Hartman Drive extension ($30,000). Mirrabooka Avenue improvements ($300,000). Hartman Drive traffic treatment ($45,000).


Hudson Park sports amenities building ($572,000), upgrades ($274,000cf), floodlighting ($80,000cf) and needs assessment ($40,000). Templeton Crescent traffic treatment ($42,908cf). Mirrabooka Avenue upgrade design ($20,000), traffic treatment ($96,000) and guardrail ($24,079cf). Girrawheen Drive traffic treatments ($30,000).


Pearsall-Hocking Community Centre and car park construction ($573,000 plus $146,400cf). Salitage Park northern end completion ($90,000 plus $183,971cf). Boboli Way path ($46,000).


Peace Park development ($100,000). Koondoola Multicultural Centre construction ($61,890cf). Rendell Park passive park development ($182,504cf). Koondoola Avenue traffic treatments ($125,000).


New playgrounds at Kyara Park, Clarkson and Sandison Park, Landsdale ($118,000 plus $105,800cf). Warradale Park nature play ($30,000 plus $259,584cf) and oval extension, landscaping and floodlighting ($91,681cf). Hardcastle Park passive park development ($335,000). Gnangara Road landscaping design ($60,000).


Southern suburbs library at Kingsway ($300,000 plus $144,904cf). Hartman Drive path ($132,000). Kingsway Regional Sporting Complex baseball changerooms and kiosk ($46,569cf), indoor stadium upgrades and annual allocations ($110,000 plus $35,000cf), Olympic clubrooms design ($63,000 plus $45,000cf), Little Athletics building construction ($668,000 plus $4960cf), netball facility upgrades ($100,000) and floodlights ($60,000), fenced dog area ($25,000) and Kingsway cricket wicket installation ($30,000). Traffic treatments for Cooper Street ($260,000) and Kingsway ($50,000).


Golf course reticulation replacement ($505,000 plus $444,668cf), general upgrades ($206,250) and fencing ($462,925cf). John Moloney Park drink fountain ($7000). Marangaroo Drive road rehabilitiation ($786,104). Parin Road traffic treatments ($90,000 plus $83,700cf). Highclere Boulevard and Hepburn Avenue traffic study ($25,000). Hepburn Avenue traffic treatment ($115,000).


Pinjar Road realignment offset sites in Caporn, San Teodoro, Spring and Alvarez parks ($85,000). Caporn Street and Garden Park Drive junction upgrades ($120,000 plus $59,221cf). Jimbub Reserve drainage ($150,000 plus $61,789cf). Clarkson Avenue traffic treatment design ($20,000).


Motivation Drive contaminated sites investigation and remediation ($500,000 plus $139,000cf). Gnangara Road realignment design ($80,000). Buckingham Drive rehabilitation ($10,000cf). Destiny Way extension design ($20,000). Gnangara Road and Marathon Loop junction upgrade ($180,000). Ocean Reef Road path ($352,000). Cockman House bus turning area ($15,345cf).


Wanneroo Civic Centre extension ($12 million plus $366,787cf) and modifications to change rooms/toilets ($249,200cf). Aquamotion building asset renewal ($265,000) and modifications ($42,000), gym equipment replacement ($50,000). Wanneroo Sports and Social Club toilets and storage shed design and construction ($30,000). Excise part of Dundebar Road for commercial lot ($50,000). Wanneroo Library and Cultural Centre airlock entrance ($131,408cf). Badgerup Lake rehabilitation of offset site for Ocean Reef Road extension ($400,000). Wanneroo Showground skate park ($85,438cf) and tennis court resurfacing ($27,191cf). Wanneroo BMX club relocation ($15,000cf). Lake Joondalup Park floodlighting ($338,720cf). Yellagonga Regional Park capital works design ($80,000). Lenore Road single carriageway construction ($650,000 plus $384,464cf) and landscaping ($150,000). Franklin Road upgrade design ($20,000). Villanova Street traffic treatment design ($20,000). Badgerup Road, Hawkins Road and Elliot Road street lighting ($162,000).