Civic Centre extension lot to be sold off

The project approved in March 2014, included an office building, multi-storey car park and lot for possible sale.

At this month’s council meeting councillors supported the excision of 1035sq m of the Wanneroo Civic Centre site for future commercial development.

Councillor Dianne Guise said she hoped the area would become a community hub.

‘We’ve worked hard to achieve a lively, vibrant and beautiful city centre,’ she said. ‘We want it to be lively, we want people to use it, we want to get movement around our City.’

The lot is south-east of the site on the corner of Senario Drive and Dundebar Road.

A report said City staff had not done an independent property valuation but the land could be worth $678,000.

‘A three-storey commercial development on the subject portion of land has the potential to develop approximately 2400sq m of new floor space and generate in the order 45 new employment positions,’ the report said.

City staff also said the neighbouring GP Super Clinic ‘would be commercially attractive for complementary business activities’.