Club out of council’s reach

The Local Area Gamers centre at the shopping mall opens daily from 9am to 5am.

A document from last month’s council meeting said the centre’s operating hours were ‘not a planning consideration for the City as it does not affect the amenity of the surrounding area’.

The 116-signature petition asked councillors to reconsider the operating hours ‘due to potential significant impact on the health and wellbeing of our teenagers and their families’.

The petition stated the facility was open from 9am to 5am every day, which was ‘far longer than similar types of businesses across the Perth area’ and did not have an age limit for ‘late and long hour usage’.

‘We are aware that this is causing issues of addiction, dysfunction, low sleep and low school attendances in some teenagers in our community,’ the petition said.

‘Potential for crime and drugs at such venues is also a risk.’

A council document stated the City would liaise with ‘both young people and the Local Area Gamers on a regular basis to provide assistance with information about the dangers of gaming addiction’.