Commando takes up Rebel cause

The Rebel Sport Joondalup team with ‘the Commando’.
The Rebel Sport Joondalup team with ‘the Commando’.

Sporting a handlebar moustache in support of Movember, The Biggest Loser trainer visited Rebel Sport to promote his new equipment line and stayed for a signing ” much to the delight of fans and swooning women alike.

The Times asked the fitness guru how it felt to be a fitness and health inspiration.

‘Those are the reasons I do it, to inspire people, to give them the motivation so they can go out there and achieve things in their life, he said.

‘Everyone has different goals, everyone has different things they are working towards that fulfils their life ” if I can help people improve their quality of life, fantastic.’

Willis said he liked to hear where his fans had drawn inspiration.

‘It’s not just about me, it’s about the people, other trainers and everyone working together as a community,’ he said.

His number one health tip is to stay committed.

‘Nutrition and training are the aspects you need to focus on to turn your life around’