Communication key to win

commitment pays off for Navjot
commitment pays off for Navjot

After making the move to Australia from India in 2009 to further his career, Mr Randhawa faced many obstacles on arrival.

‘There were a few problems I faced, the first being communication problems; people used slang and you feel nervous at times and you don’t know what other people are talking about,’ he said.

‘Once I completed my masters degree in information and communication technology at the University of South Australia I decided to move to WA.’

Thrown into the deep end with little grasp of the English language, the 30-year- old took up a traineeship in the telecommunications sector.

‘I’m currently working as a network satellite technologist as a contractor with Telstra Global and my employer is Skilled Group,’ he said.

‘A traineeship helps with interpersonal communication skills as well as how to approach the tasks on the job, in-depth knowledge of the telecommunication industry and state-of-the art work experience.’

Presented with a $5000 grant at a prestigious Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre ceremony on September 11, Mr Randhawa said he was thrilled with the news and would put the money towards his Certificate IV studies due to be completed in November.

‘Knowledge is the passport to modern life and a precondition for national prosperity and because of this knowledge I have won this Training WA award,’ he said.