Competition focuses on inner and outer beauty, says finalist

Competition focuses on inner and outer beauty, says finalist

The 23-year-old (pictured left) said while she had never taken any modelling classes, she had gained stage experience through acting, which she started at age 15.

‘I started acting because I was quite shy and didn’t fit in easily in high school,’ she said.

‘I felt like performing was an outlet for the energy I had inside.

‘Acting has given me so much more confidence. I would never have done a pageant when I was 14.’

Claire said she entered Miss Galaxy because it ‘focuses on both inner and outer beauty’ and it encouraged contestants to fund raise for charity, which she did with a quiz night raising $1050 for Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors.

‘I felt very proud and excited when I received my acceptance letter in the mail,’ she said. ‘It’s exciting to start a new journey and to have something to aim for.’

To prepare for tonight’s event at the Forrest Centre, which includes evening, fashion, swimwear and an interview, Claire has been ‘staying fit and healthy to present a positive body image’.

She said she felt pageants often received a bit of negativity from people who had not experienced them.

‘They’re fantastic for girls who want to build their confidence ” even if you don’t win, it is a great accomplishment to get up on stage in front of a room of people,’ she said.

‘I love the sense of community in pageants. The girls I’ve met so far are so warm and welcoming. It doesn’t feel like a competition ” I feel like I am making friends.’

Four contestants from tonight’s event will go through to the national final in Queensland.