Concert noise conditions queried

He said major venues like Claremont Showground could apply for approval to hold a set number of events, rather than make individual applications for each.

‘The venue approval will have appropriate conditions regulating each event and notification will need to be given to the local government and advertised to the public,’ he said. ‘With this system, the public and local government will know in advance what is planned at the venue.’

Town of Claremont Mayor Jock Barker said that while the new regulations simplified the approval process, the council questioned conditions for the Big Day Out, including noise limits.

In a December letter to Mr Jacobs, Mr Barker requested that the number of times the 72 decibel noise limit could be exceeded be limited to six at the most (currently it is up to 108 times) and only by 3db rather than 5db.

‘Two decibels is a lot and they can currently bank it (the number of times they exceed the limit) so they can play louder later,’ he said.

He also wanted the finish time changed from 11 to 10pm.