Corporate leak throws out plans

A document from this month’s council meeting stated the leak at the City’s works operations centre accounted for the majority of the 7.5 per cent increase from 2010-11 but other leaks identified at toilet blocks and clubrooms also contributed.

Governance and strategy director Jamie Parry said at the council briefing the Water Corporation compensated the City for costs associated with the leak that resulted in a loss of 2500kL.

Groundwater usage was reduced by 12.5 per cent from 2010-11.

Mayor Troy Pickard asked if the City could now consider reticulating dry parks given the ‘significant under- consumption’.

Mr Parry said the City’s current water allocation was about 4.1 million kilolitres and usage was 3.3 million kl.

He said the Water Corporation was examining its allocations and he was not sure how it would affect the City.

‘We do enjoy the buffer we have at the moment,’ he said.