Cost study makes progress

The City has since contracted a company to review if the City�s approach is appropriate, consistent with good practice and likely to achieve its objectives.

Councillors at the March 31 meeting noted the review and the progress of the cost efficiency program.

Mayor Troy Pickard said the City was taking a �proactive approach to reducing some of the costs of the City by improving efficiency without adversely impacting service�.

�To date, it has resulted in some significant financial savings, which will reduce the rate burden on ratepayers,� he said.

Councillors also noted the results of a review undertaken by the same external company of the City�s financial management systems and procedures.

A council document stated the City had �consistently maintained relevant protocols, policies, processes and procedures�.

It also made recommendations, five of which had been followed.

�Three observations and associated recommendations relating to payroll are still being clarified,� the document said.

�Two recommendations relating to the chief executive officer�s credit card are of a relatively minor nature, as stated by the auditors, and the City does not consider it necessary to make the amendments that have been recommended.�