Council rejects caravan, trailer verge parking petition

The 18-signature petition requested the City allow the parking of caravans, boats and trailers on the verge under certain circumstances and conditions including if there was no alternative parking in the property boundary, if neighbours approved and if it would not cause a traffic hazard.

Cr Russ Fishwick said at the meeting it was a safety issue to park such vehicles on the verge because they could block the sightline for motorists.

Mayor Troy Pickard said he had ‘no doubt’ allowing the vehicles to be parked on the verge would be ‘violently opposed by our local community’.

‘The majority of people in our city who purchase a boat, caravan or trailer accept that they have to store that boat, caravan or trailer on their property line,’ he said.

‘If we change our local law, even with conditions and allow parking of caravans, trailers and boats on verges, then it will become a big issue and it will have a significant impact on the amenity of our street-scapes.’

He said owners were allowed to temporarily store these vehicles on the verge in certain circumstances.

Cr Teresa Ritchie voted against the refusal stating the parking law was not flexible enough.

The City considered similar petitions in August and September 2012 and neither was supported.