Council rejects petition for time exemptions

The City received a 68-signature petition in November 2014 to amend its parking local law.

The law does not allow vehicles to remain in the same place on the street for longer than 24 hours.

�To vary the permit conditions for the petitioners would be inconsistent with the intent of the local law and would discriminate against other residents in other areas of the City of Joondalup,� a council document said.

�It is not reasonable for drivers to consider a public street as an extension of private property for residents who happen to live in that street and are unable to garage or park their vehicles on their own property.�

Residents that live in paid parking areas of the City centre receive yearly permits to allow them and their visitors to utilise the street for occasional free parking.

However, the City has received complaints of vehicles being parked for days and weeks at a time.

Patrols of the areas have been conducted with cautions and infringements issued.