Councillor’s plea for action on land zoning

Cr Guise, a former Wanneroo MLA, requested extended time to speak on the report, before Cr Brett Treby moved to waive standing orders allowing her to talk as long as she needed.

The Central ward councillor said residents had been trying to get the rural land in east Wanneroo zoned for the past 25 years and it was time for the State Government to act.

‘We need them to allocate who’s going to do what and when so that our community finally gets true regional planning that is cohesive and sustainable,’ she said.

‘In the 2007 report, the city and government came up with a clear set of guidelines and, more importantly, timelines all of which have since been ignored.’

Cr Guise said the 2007 report also had the agreement and support of the WA Planning Commission.

Tuesday’s council report said the local planning policy would provide guidance in setting out a planning process for east Wanneroo, resulting in a planning framework to enable urban and related development.

Cr Guise urged councillors to support the recommendation before getting upset.

‘So what are we as a city doing ” the best we can by adopting this policy,’ she said.

‘We’re trying to do our best and will continue to work with the community.’

The council unanimously supported the adoption of the modified east Wanneroo local planning |policy.