Custodians on patrol for residents

Arcade Fire at the Big Day Out. Picture: Justin Bianchini
Arcade Fire at the Big Day Out. Picture: Justin Bianchini

Teams consisting of security and cleaning personnel patrolled the surrounding suburbs and business areas during the day and after the event as festival-goers left the venue.

Residents were also able to contact team leaders through Arena Joondalup if they had any issues.

VenuesWest chairman Graham Partridge said the teams worked well throughout the day.

‘A very well-behaved crowd and excellent security meant the teams were mainly on standby keeping a close eye on the suburbs, but this was certainly a great way of keeping the residents’ minds at ease and giving them a point of contact if they did have concerns,’ he said.

‘While we knew this was an unusual service, we were responding to the comments voiced by residents.

‘We wanted to present both an excellent outdoor music event for local youth and maintain our civic responsibility as a member of the Joondalup community.

‘VenuesWest and Big Day Out wanted to ensure the people of Joondalup were left with a positive impression.’

Joondalup Mayor Troy Pickard said the city was also pleased with how the event was run.

‘City officers monitored the event, which was attended by about 15,000 people, to ensure all noise restriction levels were met, which was the case,’ he said.

‘The event organisers and venue management undertook litter sweeps throughout the area and had roaming security and public toilets outside the venue to assist with managing anti-social behaviour.

‘Traffic management on the day was well-managed and crowds were able to exit the venue in a safe and orderly manner.’

Mr Pickard said it was ‘less than ideal’ to hold major outdoor events the night before the start of the school and working week and the city would try to stage similar future events on a Saturday or Sunday of a long weekend.

‘A last-minute venue change meant the city could not influence what day the Big Day Out was held this year,’ he said.

The next big event to be held at Arena Joondalup will be the Fremantle Dockers and West Coast Eagles pre-season derby on Tuesday, February 18.