Developer moves to rezone Banksia Grove land

Special residential land on Harden Park Trail could be rezoned for urban development.
Special residential land on Harden Park Trail could be rezoned for urban development.

A MOVE to rezone land in Banksia Grove could triple the number of homes built on it.

The 3.6ha parcel of land on Harden Park Trail was zoned special residential in 1996 to act as a transition between the Carramar special rural zone and suburban development to the east.

CLE Town Planning and Design has applied to rezone the land ‘urban development’ under District Planning Scheme 2 on behalf of developer Banksia Grove Nominees and owner, the Housing Authority.

The proposal could change the minimum block size from 5000sq m to 1500sq m, which would allow it to be subdivided into 23 rather than seven lots.

Wanneroo Council adopted the change at its October 15 meeting, which it plans to advertise for public consultation, subject to approval from the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

The Harden Park Trail site, in red, lies south of the Moort Rise land that has already been rezoned.

A council report said the site was located immediately south of a similar land parcel that was rezoned urban development in 2018.

Those subdivided lots are separated from the special rural zone by a road, Moort Rise, however the Harden Park Trail land directly abuts three rural properties.

The report included information about the bushfire risk ratings for the land, which ranged from bushfire attack level (BAL) 12.5 to 29 due to vegetation on the site and rural properties nearby.

BAL construction levels in context.

It said mature trees needed to be at least 6m from buildings, and a tree survey identified seven trees that should be retained.

“Six of the seven significant trees are located within 6m of a proposed building envelope,” the report said.

“Two of the trees contain potentially suitable breeding hollows for black cockatoos.”

The Harden Park Trail site with significant trees, marked with circles and triangles, to be retained.

Once the City receives the EPA’s approval, it will advertise the proposed amendment on its website for 42 days.

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