Development no small matter for community

A RECOMMENDATION to approve rezoning of a Tapping site has been referred back to the City of Wanneroo for further investigation.

Councillors reiterated their concerns at last week’s council meeting about the proposal to change the zoning of a 40,426sq m lot on Clarkson Avenue near Wanneroo Road from R40 to R60, which would allow the potential number of dwellings built to increase from 145 to 169.

Despite height restrictions included in the council report, councillor Sabine Winton said Freshlink Export Pty Ltd’s proposed development, which would allow for a maximum of four storeys in the northwest corner of the site, was “totally inappropriate for the area.”

“The residents that already live there chose to live in a small community,” she said.

Increased traffic in the area as a result of the recoding was cited as another issue and the City’s officers will be asked to conduct a traffic assessment.