Development to go ahead

An artist’s impression of the proposed three-storey building on Marri Road.
An artist’s impression of the proposed three-storey building on Marri Road.

The $6.5 million mixed use development at 34 Marri Road, which is currently vacant, is proposed to include an underground car park, two shops and three offices on the ground floor, and 12 one-bedroom and eight two-bedroom apartments on the first and second floors.

During community consultation earlier this year, seven objections were received, raising concerns of increased traffic, noise and safety issues, and the scale and density of the development not being in keeping with the character of the area.

A North West Metro Joint Development Assessment Panel document stated the proposed development complied with the requirements of an R60 coding and, while the setbacks required some discretion, they met the relevant design principles.

It also said any increase in traffic would be ‘well within the capacity of the surrounding road network’, that there were no safety issues identified, and the proposed development should not increase noise generated when compared to the petrol station previously on the site.

Sustainability concerns were also raised at last week’s meeting with Joondalup councillor Mike Norman, noting the upper north-facing windows were not shaded.

A condition was added to require the applicant provide shading on the northern and western sides of the second floor.

Panel presiding member Karen Hyde also amended a condition to request the landscaping design plans include how landscaping would be used to screen retaining walls.

The applicant proposes to increase the height of an existing retaining wall along the southern (rear) boundary and part of the western (Cassina Road) and eastern boundaries by 1.09m, with a total height of 2.65m along the southern boundary.