Dolly Chicks will walk and perform

Dolly Chicks will walk and perform

Encouraged by her mum Reno and Relay for Life regular Kylie Walters, Mia convinced six of her girlfriends attending Peter Moyes Anglican Community School to join up. All seven girls will be supervised by their parents.

‘I volunteered at last year’s relay and thought it was really good,’ Mia said. ‘It was easy to talk my friends into it. I lost my Grandma to cancer, so I think it is good to do this in her memory.

‘We call our team Dolly Chicks. We have been raising money with sausage sizzles at Joondalup Resort, selling chocolates and doing face painting at school.’

Amy said she was keen to join the relay because her grandmother died from lung cancer. ‘I miss her a lot and I think this is a good way to help with research,’ she said.

Kate said her grandmother died from cancer, too. ‘My Nana passed away with breast cancer,’ she said. ‘We are all doing this for our nanas.’

Ellie said her grandmother had breast cancer and survived after treatment. ‘Nana, my netball coach and some teachers at school have had cancer,’ she said.

‘Nana will be one of the survivors walking at the opening ceremony, and she will walk around the arena with me.’

Not content to walk around Arena Joondalup in relays over the 24-hour event, the Dolly Chicks will also perform on stage.

However, more teams are needed. Anyone interested in registering or forming a relay team to for the October event, call 0497 384 486 or email relayteamsjoondalupwanneroo