Draft east Wanneroo plan to give landowners ‘certainty’

A concept plan for the Gnangara district centre with transit station. Picture: Mike Edwards
A concept plan for the Gnangara district centre with transit station. Picture: Mike Edwards

A PLANNING document released this week is touted to give landowners more certainty about their future in east Wanneroo.

Planning Minister Rita Saffioti released the draft structure plan for east Wanneroo for public comment on Wednesday, outlining a detailed, long-term vision for one of Perth’s fastest growing areas.

Developed in consultation with a community reference group, the draft East Wanneroo District Structure Plan outlines the steps that could see the area become home to 150,000 people over the next 50 years.

The plan proposed to protect significant environmental features with a network of parkland links connecting parks and other public open spaces throughout the district.

It proposed a Gnangara district centre with transit station bounded by the existing road network of Ashby and Ross streets, Carmignani, Badgerup and Elliot roads.

A concept plan for the neighbourhood centre in Mariginiup.

There would be a neighbourhood centre in Mariginiup, centred on Rousset Road, and urban neighbourhoods with medium to higher-density residential areas surrounding the district and neighbourhood centres.

There will also be suburban neighbourhoods, character areas that have high scenic value, and special residential areas that would continue to provide semi-rural lifestyle opportunities.

A concept plan for Edgar Griffiths Park.

“The State Government took on the challenge of developing a coordinated structure plan for the entire area, to make sure all landowners had some certainty about the future of their area,” Ms Saffioti said.

“The government has worked with the community reference group to get to this stage, but it is now up to the community to provide further input.

A concept plan around Belgrade Road with the lake view.

“This model of State Government-led structure planning has been used to try and ensure that all landowners have access to the same information and the same plan.

“I know many landowners have been frustrated over past decades with ad-hoc planning for the area, and a lack of certainty.

“I hope this process gives landowners certainty about their future.”

Rita Saffioti and Sabine Winton.

Wanneroo MLA Sabine Winton said she was “thrilled” the minister was delivering a way forward for the area and encouraged residents to have a say.

“The rezoning of east Wanneroo has been on the table for nearly 20 years,” she said.

“This announcement marks an important milestone in delivering on the community’s long term vision and aspirations for east Wanneroo.”

A concept plan for showrooms and mixed use development on Badgerup Road.

The plan said based on the anticipated population, there would be a need for five high schools and up to 25 primary schools.

It also considered road networks, including the future Yanchep Whiteman Highway alignment, water issues, location of industrial areas and creation of a tourism destination on the north-east foreshore of Lake Jandabup.

The draft plan will go out for public comment until December 20. For more information, visit www.dplh.wa.gov.au.

The draft East Wanneroo District Structure Plan.