Dream shattered

Tegan rides Lulu at the beach.
Tegan rides Lulu at the beach.

The three-year bond between Tegan Court (13) and Lulu had taken the Carabooda pair to the top of their sport with Wanneroo Horse and Pony Club.

But things went horribly wrong on that day three weeks ago when Lulu stepped on broken glass dumped on the side of the road in Emerald Drive.

Tegan called her mum Maxine and a frantic drive to the vet followed, with dad David supporting Lulu’s injured left hind leg in the float.

The glass had cut deep through arteries and tendons and the Courts were left with the painful decision to put down their beloved nine-year-old pony.

‘We were like best friends,’ Tegan said.

‘I told her all my secrets. She probably thought I was crazy.’

Having two other family ponies, including games specialist Summer, helped Tegan to cope with the devastating loss.

‘I’ve been just talking to my other ponies, saying all memories about Lulu,’ she said before revealing she had been reluctant to ride again.

‘But I did, I got back on.’

Three years of hard work with Lulu paid off for Tegan this year, with the pair consistently finishing competitions in the top six. 

Fatal consequences

David Court described the death of his daughter’s pony from stepping on glass as ‘tragic and senseless’.

He wanted the story told to show the consequences of people dumping rubbish instead of paying to drop it at a disposal site.

He claimed the situation had been compounded by a contractor who failed to remove the glass before mowing the verge and spreading broken glass.

‘It effectively set the trap which Lulu stepped into. It could easily have been a child stepping on the glass. Bad enough that it has caused the loss of a dearly loved $15,000 pony, incurring us a $500 vet bill and $1800 cremation costs,’ he said.

Mr Court said the City of Wanneroo cleared the glass the next day and he understood it had stood down the contractor.