Driller fined $2200 for two illegal bores

The Malaga-based driller was fined $2200 in Joondalup Magistrates Court for drilling bores on two properties over the Gnangara aquifer.

The man pleaded guilty to two counts of constructing a non-artesian well without a licence, and two counts of failing to submit a bore log to the Department of Water.

Department regulation director Paul Brown said the Gnangara system provided Perth with half of its water.

‘If you have drilled an illegal bore, you may be assisting someone in the unlawful taking of water,’ he said.

‘This is a concern because it can put other water users’ licensed entitlements at risk by over-drawing, particularly in an already fully allocated water area like Gnangara that is vital to Perth’s water supply.

‘We work closely with the drilling industry and they are fully supportive of our efforts to investigate incidents of illegal drilling of bores.’