Environment action plan

At the July 8 briefing, governance and strategy director Jamie Parry said the plan was ‘intended to guide the City’s strategic direction and response to local environment threats’.

He said it would ensure the City’s operations were delivered in an environmentally sustainable way and measures were undertaken to ‘influence positive environmental behaviours within the community’.

The five themes addressed in the plan were biodiversity management, water management, climate change mitigation, waste management and community involvement.

He said during the 21-day consultation period, six submissions were received and the feedback was ‘generally supportive of the strategic direction of the plan’.

‘There has been one primary amendment made as a result of consultation and that’s the suggested inclusion of the school connections program,’ he said.

‘That is an overarching program to improve communication between the City of Joondalup and the schools within our boundaries.’

The plan also includes 31 projects to be implemented in the next five years to reduce environmental threats.