Exclusive: Memorandum an Ocean Reef Marina commitment

Ocean Reef MLA Albert Jacob, Joondalup MLA Jan Norberger and Joondalup Mayor Troy Pickard at the Ocean Reef Marina site.
Ocean Reef MLA Albert Jacob, Joondalup MLA Jan Norberger and Joondalup Mayor Troy Pickard at the Ocean Reef Marina site.

THE State Government has again pledged its commitment to the Ocean Reef Marina project by agreeing to sign a new joint memorandum of understanding with the City of Joondalup.

This is a formal agreement that acknowledges the shared commitment of the City and the State Government as joint landowners of the site in bringing the project to fruition.

The announcement was made on Friday during a visit to the marina site with Joondalup Mayor Troy Pickard, Ocean Reef MLA Albert Jacob and Joondalup MLA Jan Norberger.

It coincides with the State Government allocating $500,000 to the project as part of its 2016-17 budget.

Mr Pickard said the MOU was a vital step because the City could not deliver a project of this size and complexity on its own.

“This document will set out the roles of the City and the State Government and how we will work together to resolve ongoing issues, recognising that a collaborative approach is needed to develop the marina,” he said.

The City is currently progressing the environmental and planning approvals for the Ocean Reef Marina via an amendment to the metropolitan region scheme (MRS) boundary and a public environmental review (PER) of the marine-based components.

Mr Pickard said the State Government’s extra funding would enable the City to complete the outstanding tasks required for these processes as well as finalise the marina structure plan.

“It will also allow the City to undertake any additional environmental work as required by the relevant agencies, respond to submissions arising from the public advertising of the PER, MRS amendment and structure plan and continue our liaison with key stakeholders,” he said.

“The environmental and planning approvals process currently under way is complex and challenging, with some 35 different environmental and planning studies or investigations being undertaken in recent times.

“This considerable body of work represents a financial investment of approximately $2.6 million and whilst there is still some way to go, the funding from the State Government is timely.

“It is anticipated that the MRS amendment, the PER and the structure plan will be advertised for public comment in the latter half of 2016, subject to agreement by the relevant State Government approval agencies.”

Last October, the City requested the State Government take over as proponent of the project because the City does not have the capacity and resources to build the Ocean Reef Marina on its own and would need the State Government or a public or private partnership to develop the facility.

“The City is preparing a structure plan in collaboration with the Department of Planning in its pursuit to obtain the necessary planning approvals that would ensure the desired urban outcomes of the Ocean Reef Marina concept plan,” Mr Pickard said.

“Moving forward the City aims to work with the State Government to determine how the project is best progressed to construction stage.

“As land owners, the City would still like to be actively involved in the decision making process and work collaboratively with all stakeholders to produce an approved, financially viable, and publicly supported project that is delivered in accordance with community expectations.

“I can assure all of our residents and ratepayers that the City remains extremely determined to see the Ocean Reef Marina come to fruition.”


2007 – The Ocean Reef Marina Committee, Government Steering Committee and Community Reference Group are established.

2009 – Concept plan seven was endorsed by the council for community consultation, receiving 95.6 per cent support from almost 12,000 respondents.

2011 – An amended concept plan was endorsed by the council as the basis for the preparation of the local structure plan for the development.

2012 – Signing of the Ocean Reef Marina memorandum of understanding with the State Government.

2013 – Submission to the WA Planning Commission of a request to amend the metropolitan region scheme boundary.

2014 – The Environmental Protection Authority determined to assess the marine-based components via a public environmental review.

2014 – Initiation of the metropolitan region scheme boundary amendment by the WA Planning Commission.

2015 – The City calls on the State Government to become the proponent of the Ocean Reef Marina project.

2016 – The State Government in its 2016-17 budget allocates additional funding to the City to continue the approval processes.

2016 – The State Government agrees to sign another memorandum of understanding with the City of Joondalup.