Extra parking planned for Yanchep Lagoon

Extra parking is proposed along Capricorn Esplanade.
Extra parking is proposed along Capricorn Esplanade.

WANNEROO Council has agreed to create more parking near Yanchep Lagoon next summer.

The council agreed to create temporary parking along Capricorn Esplanade, north of the main car parks, by summer 2020-21 at its February 10 meeting.

A council report said there had been a shortfall of parking during summer in past years and demand was expected to increase.

“The provision of additional car bays in reasonably close proximity to the old surf club redevelopment site would assist in alleviating tenant concerns regarding the availability of adequate parking to support sustainable operations,” it said.

The report said opportunities to create extra parking were limited because the precinct was within a Bush Forever site, and Capricorn Esplanade offered the simplest option to provide extra bays in the short term.

“There is already sufficient width in the road reserve to provide bays immediately east of the roadway,” it said.

Extra parking is proposed along Capricorn Esplanade, north of the lagoon.

The report presented options to either create temporary parking using crushed limestone, which could cost $57,000, or permanent marked parking bays, wombat crossings and street lights, which could cost $180,000 to $190,000.

The council agreed to build the temporary parking bays and consider the permanent option after the City finished its infrastructure assessment for the lagoon area.

Moving the recommendation, councillor Linda Aitken said more parking was “long overdue” and the proposal was “a fantastic start”.

An aerial photo of parking at Yanchep Lagoon in the summer of 2018-19.

An aerial photo included in the council agenda showed about 45 vehicles parked along the verge on Brazier Road and Capricorn Esplanade.

The report said wanted to “landscape unsafe areas” where people had been parking on the verge to “restrict ease of parking and provide better access to the more suitable areas”.

A concept plan for Laguna Fresh Starts venue in Yanchep.

Last April, the council authorised the chief executive to negotiate leases with Laguna -Fresh Starts, which planned to build a beachfront tavern at the former surf club site.

The report said administration had been negotiating with the future lessee since then, and the lease needed to be finalised and then approved by the Lands Minister.

It said extra parking would help the lessee and other options would be investigated as part of the lagoon area master plan.

Although a summer 2020 opening date was discussed last year, at this week’s meeting Cr Chris Baker suggested the venue was due to open in spring 2023.

The former Yanchep surf club site.