Family appeal for help to find late son’s scooter

Reece Brewer on his scooter on his last day of primary school.
Reece Brewer on his scooter on his last day of primary school.

A TAPPING family is appealing for help to find a sentimental scooter stolen from their garage because it belonged to their late son.

Larry and Leanne Brewer hope the electric scooter will be returned, or someone will be able to help them track it down.

Mr Brewer said they were distressed to discover the scooter, as well as a bicycle and a cordless drill, had disappeared from their garage this week.

He said the scooter was an “irreplaceable” reminder of their son Reece, who died 11 years ago aged 13.

Reece Brewer with family at Iluka Park a week before he died.

Mrs Brewer shared a photo of her son on the scooter at the last family event he attended a week before he died from a muscular dystrophy related illness.

“That scooter got him around because he couldn’t walk,” she said.

“The scooter was the last thing he was on before he passed away.”

Mrs Brewer said it had been an emotional time losing the scooter.

“It’s knocked me quite badly,” she said.

“Someone has walked into our garage and taken it.

“It’s taken another part of him away.”

Mrs Brewer said the 15-year-old scooter had little value to anyone else and it may have since been dumped somewhere.

“It wasn’t in working order and the wheels were completely flat,” she said.

“They didn’t take the battery charger with it.

“It’s not worth money anymore; it’s just a memory I have of my son.”

Mr Brewer said the items may have been taken in the past two weeks.

Anyone with information can call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.