Fight on to keep cars off beaches

A four-wheel-drive vehicle on the beach.
A four-wheel-drive vehicle on the beach.

The Alkimos Eglinton Landowners group says some offroad vehicle users continue to access private land to get on to the sand dunes despite warning signs and construction of residential communities, and they were threatening the safety of beachgoers and putting themselves in danger.

The group, including Peet Limited, LandCorp and Eglinton Estates, said it was looking at all options to best help the City of Wanneroo and local police tackle the issue.

Peet managing director and chief executive Brendan Gore said the group shared the general community’s concern and outrage and was working on a range of strategies that included a mixture of education, enforcement and encouragement ” encouraging offroad riders to use permitted areas before they collected a hefty fine.

‘As the number of people living in the northern coastal suburbs grows, the chances of conflict between legitimate beach users and unlawful offroaders increases,’ Mr Gore said. ‘We hope our combined efforts, and action on a number of fronts, can successfully help curb this problem ” and possibly save serious injury or worse.’

Tasio Cokis of The Alkimos-Eglinton Landowners group said their aim was also to prevent potential damage to the fragile coastal environment.

‘While we don’t have the legislative backing to police the beaches ourselves, we do want to give the City of Wanneroo and local police our strong support and work together to make this beautiful stretch of coastline a safe and happy place for residents and visitors,’ he said.

They said residents who spotted offroad riders or drivers at the beach could call Yanchep Police on 9562 9300 or 131 444.

Landowners have contracted private security officers who have a mandate to deter illegal offroaders by observing and reporting such activity.

For more information about areas where offroad driving is permitted, visit the City of Wanneroo or Recreational Trailbike Riders’ Association of WA websites ” or