Firefighters plunge from skyscraper in Cahoots camp fundraiser

Parks and Wildlife firefighter Emma Clingan abseils in the Central Park Plunge.
Parks and Wildlife firefighter Emma Clingan abseils in the Central Park Plunge.

WANNEROO firefighter Emma Clingan joined about 50 people in Cahoots to raise funds for inclusive children’s camps plunging off a Perth skyscraper on Sunday.

The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions Parks and Wildlife Service firefighter and two of her peers, Val Densmore, of Manjimup, and Jess Henriques, of Jurien Bay, took part in the September 15 Central Park Plunge.

Parks and Wildlife firefighters Jessica Correia Henriques (Jurien Bay), Valerie Densmore (Manjimup), Emma Clingan (Wanneroo) and Minister Simone McGurk.

Child Protection Minister Simone McGurk joined the trio in a team of 52 people who abseiled 220m down the building to raise funds for Cahoots.

The not-for-profit organisation is funded through the Department of Communities to provide camps and programs for children and young people with disabilities, so they can develop friendships, skills and confidence.

“Children need opportunities like Cahoots camps and outings – adventures, learning and bonding with other kids – to thrive,” Ms McGurk said.

Abseilers raised funds for Cahoots in the Central Park Plunge on September 15.

Zenith Events ran the charity abseil from September 13 to 15, which involved about 300 people raising funds for several charities.

Sophie Kotkis and her mother Shelley lead the charge for Cahoots, with their team raising more than $44,000.

Sophie has kabuki syndrome, which was characterised by multiple abnormalities including distinctive facial features, growth delays, varying degrees of intellectual disability, skeletal abnormalities, short stature, loss of vision and hearing.

She requires a fair amount of help in daily activities and the camps and programs show her things other people with special needs are capable of doing while giving her independence she needed to grow further.

“Sophie loves going on Cahoots camps; she learns and grows every time she attends one,” her mother said.

“Stepping outside her comfort zone is what it’s all about; I’m always amazed at what she achieves.”

Donations can be made here.