For those about to rock, police salute you

Soundwave revellers in 2012 Pic: Getty Images.
Soundwave revellers in 2012 Pic: Getty Images.

Supt Jeff Ellis said the extra additions to the local summer festival bill, including the Big Day Out and Soundwave, made ‘no difference to us at all’.

‘We’ve found from a policing point of view, the ‘heavy metal guys’, they’re actually not that bad because they’re there to listen to the music,’ he said.

Officers face two major operations this weekend with the back-to-back booking of the dance-based Future Music Festival and rock-based Soundwave at Arena Joondalup on Sunday and Monday.

More than 50,000 people are expected to pour into Joondalup across the two days.

Inspector Steve Post, who is heading the operation, advised patrons to be wary of the hot weather. He did not want a repeat of last year, where police were left dealing with intoxicated Future Music revellers incapable of making it inside the gates.

He said police witnessed patrons passing out and vomiting on themselves, having ‘pre-loaded’ before the 18+ event.

‘Future Music seems to be a slightly younger demographic and pre-loading was absolutely an issue; we had a number of unhappy kids,’ Insp Post said.

He reminded fans of the money wasted when going too hard too early.

‘They will have spent a lot of money on alcohol, potentially illegal substances and for the tickets as well,’ Insp Post said.

‘Then because of their condition they can’t get into the event ” that’s going to be disappointing for them.’

The sniffer dog team would be in action at both festivals, as would Responsible Service of Alcohol officers, who had the right to refuse entry to drunk and disorderly patrons.

Insp Post asked ticket holders to respect themselves, fellow gig goers and nearby residents.

‘By and large, the patrons to these events are pretty well behaved,’ he said.

‘It’s just a few that wreck it for the majority and mostly for us, because we’re left to pick up the pieces.’