Free first-aid training available online

St John enlisted 50 actors to take part in a theatrical stunt at an Innaloo cinema. Each actor was asked to invite four friends to the screening of a new movie.

St John Ambulance deputy chief executive Anthony Smith said the unsuspecting friends experienced a staged car accident which used video, sound effects, fake blood and injuries.

These reactions were videoed and have already been viewed more than 10,000 times online.

‘We took this different approach to spread the word about clicktosave as young people are more likely to respond to a campaign that incorporates social media and engages them directly,’ Mr Smith said.

‘We feel that this new campaign will encourage more and more people, especially youth, to visit the clicktosave website to take the course,’ he said. ‘Clicktosave is the ideal course for drivers as it only takes 30 minutes and can be done at any time from any location as it is now mobile phone compatible.’

Mr Smith said if all learner drivers were trained in first aid, up to 28 lives a year could be saved on WA roads. St John also continued to push for first-aid training to become mandatory for learner drivers.

View the online course at: