French film kicks off season

French film kicks off season

Jappeloup will be the first film screened at the outdoor movies at Edith Cowan University’s Joondalup campus in this year’s Lotterywest Festival Films.

Set in the 1980s, the French film is based on the life and career of showjumper Pierre Durand (Guillaume Canet) and his small horse Jappeloup.

The story starts in the 1970s with an adolescent Durand stubbornly determined to finish the race and snapshots of his journey until he lets go of the reins to pursue a career in law.

Falling in love with another showjumper brings him back to his original passion, and the start of the love-hate relationship with the impetuous Jappeloup.

It is an adrenalin-filled movie following the highs and lows of a show jumper’s career, a similar experience to watching a football match without the replays.

Based on a true story, it was beautifully filmed to capture every tender interaction and make viewers hold their breath each time the pair fly over the jumps.

Outside the circuits, the plot follows Durand’s relationships with his parents, Serge (Daniel Auteuil) and Arlette Marie Bunel), his wife Nadia (Marina Hands), Jappeloup’s groom Rapha�lle (Lou De La�ge) and his coaches.

Jappeloup will trot across the big screen at Joondalup Pines every evening from November 26 to December 1, then leap to the Somerville screen at UWA from December 2 to 8.

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