GRG needs help

‘Our biggest issue is to get the Federal Government to change the way payments are made for grandparents,’ Mrs De Young said.

‘Of our 50 families, probably 20 were already self-funded retirees when they were landed with grandchildren and you cannot turn around and say I don’t want to take my retirement money.

‘If you’ve already budgeted for yourself and your partner then that’s what you have to live off.’

Group member Susette said the GRG president and secretary had been proactive in gaining recognition and community support.

‘We are being more recognised and are given more community support by people like mental health services and shires,’ she said.

Retreats and weekends away for the families are ‘genuine and sensible’ kinds of support.

‘Not only do the grandparents get their time away but also the children get a chance to see other children in the same boat,’ she said.

She said without extra support they could not afford to send children to weekend football, pay for uniforms or music fees and sometimes they could not pay for regular school activities.

‘We would like our children to have the same opportunities as children who have a mum and dad ” to be able to go to school events, school camps, sporting activities and even have the BMX like the neighbour’s boy does.’