Have your say on waste plans

Its residents have until June 10 to fill out a survey and have a say in the development of more environmentally and financially sustainable bulk waste services.

The City spends about $20 million a year on waste services, which includes the bulk collections, and in 2013-14 collected 95,577 tonnes of waste from households.

The verge collections include green waste (garden refuse) and hard waste (furniture, white goods, mattresses).

According to Hyder Consulting, the City was the highest producer of bulk waste in Australia (per capita) in 2013-14.

The City also averages 273kg of waste per household each year, almost three times as much as the Perth metropolitan average.

�The State Government landfill levy rose in January 2015 and will rise again in July 2017, which will impact the affordability of the City�s current service,� Joondalup Mayor Troy Pickard said.

�In addition, the WA Waste Strategy Creating the Right Environment has set targets for diverting 50 per cent of municipal solid waste from landfill by 2015 and 65 per cent by 2020. �Though the City has achieved its 2015 diversion target, increasing diversion rates by a further 15 per cent will require new solutions by the City, in consultation with the community.� Go to joondalup.wa.gov.au or call 1300 369 972 to obtain a survey.