Highway to |the hydro-zone

The City of Wanneroo is replacing the park’s irrigation system through its annual hydro-zoning program.

Acting assets director Grant Chettleburgh said hydro-zoning involved grouping areas of vegetation with the same water requirements in parks for more efficient use of groundwater resources.

“High-use areas such as sports fields and high traffic passive areas will receive greater amounts of water compared to the areas surrounding sports fields and low traffic passive areas,” he said.

“As part of this process some of the passive areas of turf in Scenic Park will be converted to mulch in the coming weeks and planted with native vegetation in winter this year.”

Mr Chettleburgh said the changes would save 4500kL of water a year and create habitat for local fauna.

“As part of our hydro-zoning process the City is identifying areas where the overall turf footprint can be reduced without the need to eliminate turf from our parks,” he said.

“We are able to do this by converting these areas to low water using areas of vegetation, which allows the City to continue to comply with its ground water licence allocations for irrigation use issued by the Department of Water.”