Hollywood dream comes true

Kimberley Heberley will take her musical talents to Hollywood next month. Picture: Andrew Ritchie
Kimberley Heberley will take her musical talents to Hollywood next month. Picture: Andrew Ritchie

The 21-year-old will be the only singer from WA to perform self-written songs, competing in six vocal categories while also playing the piano.

‘The last six months you can only guess what everything is going to be like but with only a few weeks left before I leave, it has all become a crazy reality,’ Heberley said.

‘The birth place of so many incredible artists is in Hollywood and Los Angeles so it’s just a dream being able to think that I will be a part of that.’

Though Heberley has been singing since the age of three and playing the piano from seven, she said she had recently taken performance workshops and put in more hours with her vocal coach to prepare for the task of representing Australia.

She also just supported Samantha Jade at her recent shopping centre and youth festival appearances. ‘The arts have always been a part of my life. Even from a very young age I was able to make so much meaning out of music, dance and drama,’ she said.

‘I connected to it on so many levels and it was a passion I knew I had from the beginning.

‘I believe that it’s a gift to be able to use your ability to create emotion and make others feel something through music.’

Heberley applied last June to compete in the world championships.

‘For a few months I was screened, interviewed and assessed based on my experience, goals and my capabilities to see if I was at a standard to perform at the championships,’ she said.

‘I hope that from competing in the competition this will allow me to connect with others who are able to take my career to the next level ” ultimately to be signed to a major management and record label.’

Heberley will join two other vocalists, including Caversham’s Firosha Price, and three other contestants from WA, with 41 from Australia in total.

The week-long competition features more than 40 countries represented by singers, dancers, models, actors and instrumentalists who battle it out for bronze, silver and gold medals and a share in $130,000 worth of scholarships.

It also features an opening and closing ceremony, of which Heberley is one of 25 Australians taking part.