Hoons put on notice with cameras

COVERT cameras aimed at catching hoon drivers are being deployed around Perth.

The cameras were installed as part of a trial, which captured six hoon driving offences during the first two weeks. WA Police will now purchase 24 cameras over the next three years.

Police Minister Liza Harvey said the drivers were expected to face court soon.

“The difficult thing about hoons is capturing the evidence to prosecute them – this is just one of our weapons to get these dangerous individuals off our roads,” she said.

Mrs Harvey said police intelligence and information from residents would determine the locations of the cameras.

“My message to hoon drivers in our suburbs is: There’s nowhere to hide,” she said.

“Hoon driving is some of the most dangerous and irresponsible behaviour someone can do behind the wheel and we will catch you.”

The cameras identify drivers’ features and motor vehicle number plates, targeting offences such as excessive smoke and noise and dangerous and reckless driving.