How a young woman couldn’t lie

How a young woman couldn’t lie

Here’s how the conversation went:

Weekender: We’ve got a letter to the editor here, just wondering if you have your name and address so it can be verified.

Isabella Murphy: Um, well what’s actually happened it’s on behalf of a friend who wanted to be anonymous. It’s actually not from me like I haven’t written it. I’ve already spoken to them about it and they said ‘just let them know I wanted to be anonymous’. That’s all I can really say regarding that, sorry about that.

Weekender: Is the friend involved in politics?

Isabella: Um, I don’t really know if I should disclose that. I’m not really sure their motive, I’m not even aware of the content of it (the letter), I haven’t even read it.

Weekender: So someone has put you up to it?

Isabella: I thought it was just like an opinion piece, something quite… I don’t know. But it’s obviously… is it quite controversial, the letter?

Weekender: You don’t know the subject of the letter?

Isabella: No, I’ve got no idea.

Weekender: Obviously your name is Isabella?

Isabella: No that’s not even my name. But that’s my number and address.

Weekender: So what is your address?

Isabella: My address is in Woodvale.

Weekender: We went to the address listed and there was no such person (as Isabella) there.

Isabella: Oh, really?

Weekender: Looks like you’ve been caught up in something-?

Isabella: Yeah, it’s probably not even allowed. I just didn’t think it would be a big deal.

Weekender: Are you regretting saying yes?

Isabella: I’m probably not going to do that again.

Weekender: Thanks for taking the call.

Isabella: That’s OK, sorry about this. 

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