Illegally parked paid the price

The City put messages on Facebook and other forms of media about the need to park responsibly, and did not fine people for the first two days.

‘But the City had received a number of complaints from local residents and the police regarding illegal and irresponsible parking in the Sorrento area,’ Mayor Troy Pickard said.

The City issued about 50 infringements related to cars parked on footpaths, median strips, West Coast Drive and in flower beds.

‘Some drivers had been blocking driveways and pathways ” a dangerous practice ” which causes safety issues and concerns for local residents, pedestrians and drivers,’ Mr Pickard said.

‘Rangers and City Watch officers were also on-site along the coast to educate visitors to the beach on Friday and Saturday of the need to park responsibly and to raise awareness that drivers who parked illegally or dangerously would be fined.’