‘Infrastructure starvation’ cited in GST claim

Mr Katsambanis lodged a submission late last year outlining reforms, including a need to change the method of GST revenue distribution.

‘I’m very happy that the National Commission of Audit has accepted the basis of my submission and recommended that GST revenue should be shared between the states on a per capita basis,’ Mr Katsambanis said.

‘In Perth’s northern suburbs, a fair share of GST revenue would enable the WA Government to expand the rail and road network.

‘Over the next four financial years, WA is set to miss out on around $20 billion of GST revenue that we would receive if distribution was made on a per capita basis.’

While he was State Treasurer, Pearce MHR Christian Porter advocated for a higher share of GST for WA before he stepped across to Federal politics last year.

Speaking at a Wanneroo Business Association function in 2011, Mr Porter said WA received a fraction back from the taxes it paid.

‘We think for every dollar that comes out, we will get back 30 cents,’ he said at the time.

‘We are suffering in WA from something called infrastructure starvation.’