Injured seal rescued at marina

The fur seal rescued from Mindarie Marina.
The fur seal rescued from Mindarie Marina.

Marina administration manager Lyrae Lamond said two men, who were walking their dogs, had spotted the seal on the rocks and it had fishing line wrapped around its head.

She said one of the men cut the line and brought the seal into the office so it was away from all the dogs.

‘We didn’t realise the seal had had fishing line wrapped around it because it had been cut off,’ she said.

‘We didn’t find out until the next day when the man came to collect the jumper he’d wrapped the seal in.’

She said they rang Department of Parks and Wildlife to come and get the seal.

‘He (the seal) didn’t seem aggro, just out of sorts,’ Ms Lamond said.

Senior wildlife officer Doug Coughran said the juvenile male Sub-Antarctic fur seal was about two years old and no longer dependent on his mother.

He said he was in a reasonable condition, but had been taken to the vet at Perth Zoo for a check- up.

The seal was later released into the ocean.

Mr Coughran said although most people would not be aware, one of the worst things someone can do for a marine mammal is to overheat them by wrapping them up.

‘They could actually be killing them with kindness,’ he said.

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