Intersection woes for businessman after project delay

In December last year, the State Government promised $75 million to build two traffic bridges over the intersection. But the recent State budget shows the project will not begin until the 2015-16 financial year, finishing in 2018.

Malaga locksmith Grant Edwards said he was disappointed not only because of safety concerns and traffic congestion issues, but because of travel delays.

‘If you’ve got an emergency and you have to go from Malaga into Morley, I’ve got to bypass this intersection because you just can’t make it in time,’ he said.

Mr Edwards said he found running a small business in WA hard enough without having to deal with Perth’s growing traffic issues.

‘We pay our taxes, we’re entitled to some type of benefit. We don’t get much back being a small business in this state, so you know, being a service industry that actually services Perth, we rely on the roads and if the roads aren’t in a good order then it just delays us.’